Knighthood Priories (Ages 17-21)

The Order of Knighthood is a special group for older DeMolays (17-21) who have “been around the block”. It serves as an opportunity for accomplished DeMolays to work towards new goals, and gives the older members an occasion to interact amongst themselves.  Knighthood members are part of a Priory which has its own officers and events.

The official name of the Order is The Chivalric Knights of the Holy Order of the Fellow Soldiers of Jacques DeMolay. Knighthood is not an honorary degree or award, but a working body whose purpose is to improve its members, and to serve the Order of DeMolay. It is standout from DeMolay and Squires in its attire, and if available, swords are worn on the hip and are used during their proceedings.

The Order of Knighthood made its debut in 1946.

The main functions of a Priory are to:

To learn more about Knighthood and how you can become a part of it, please contact Dad Robert Glass at